Up and coming young hip hop choreographer is Mark also known as Mark J Smurf from the ZoomboX crew. A graduate from SAE Institute in sound engineering in year 2012, Mark started dancing jazz since 9 years old and has also appeared in “Wizard of Oz" dance musical!

He first started with freestyle hip hop was later inspired by New Style Hip Hop. He focuses on strong hip hop foundation together with challenging dance routine in class. Mark’s unique footwork and new style hip hop techniques has also gained him many choreography opportunites for events and concerts these two years. He has choreographed for famous GMM Grammy Thailand artist such as Golf Pichaya, Mike D.Angelo, Gampan (Bazoo), AF artist, events such as HSBC, Lenovo and Seacon Square Flashmob. Among other dance choreographers, Mark was given the privilege to coordinate and choreographed for PEPSI advertisement which was aired in Vietnam. He has also done overseas live performance in Nagoya, Japan for Golf Pichaya concert, various LIVE performance in Thailand for AF atist, RS artist such as Waii, K-otic, Black Jack and Kamikaze 2 to just name a few.

National dance competition he has won are:
• 1st place Illest Cipher Hip Hop Battle Singapore 2010
• 1st place with D Maniac crew for Seacon Street Challenge 2010
• 1st place S-Club Dance contest
• 1st Dancholic Dance contest
• 3rd place with ZoomboX crew in Seacon Street Challenge 2012
• 3rd place with ZoomboX crew for Centaur Dance Contest 2012
• 4th place with Rumor Has It for Hip Hop International 2014

“Expressing New Style Hip Hop with musicality!”