Ryota met locking when he was 17 in Japan where he was raised.
While obtaining skills as a business person, his passion for dance did not decline even after moving to Bangkok.
In the city, he joined many dance battles and represented locking style which has still not been major in Thailand.
He has joined Studio Zoom as an instructor to spread out his style since 2015.

Dance Battles:
• Keep It Real Crew Battle: Winner (All Star TH 2016)
• Hip Hop International Thailand 2015 Locking 1 on 1 Battle: 1st Runner Up
• Bangkok Throw Down Crew Battle: Winner (All Star TH 2017)

• Step Up Dance Battle 2015: Locking Judge
• Studio Zoom Recital 2015: Generation Zoom
• Hip Hop International Thailand 2016: Generation Zoom
• Seacon Int’l Dance Competition 2016: Generation Zoom