A teacher, choreographer and dancer based in Bangkok, grew up studying in Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary Dance and started her dance career as a dancer since 2007 when she was studying in Communication Arts Chulalongkorn University and became a jazz dance teacher at KPN music academy in 2010. She found herself having lots of passion for Contemporary Dance from her last contemporary dance theatre project in university 'Cupid & Psyche' so she went to train with CCDC (City Contemporary Dance Center) and Studiodanz in Hong Kong for a month and applied for an ISVP (International Student Visa Program) at Broadway Dance Center, New York. Being trained for 4 months at Broadway Dance Center with many great choreographers and teachers Mishay Petronelli, Ashle' Dawson, Ginger Cox, Sheila Barker, Brice Mousset, Chio , Rhapsody James, Sheryl Murakami and Neil Schwartz concentrating on Contemporary Dance and Hip Hop ,cake found her very own style which combine the flowy and strong movement together along with the musicality and groove based on Contemporary and Jazz techniques.

After a trip back from NYC, Cake has choreographed for VOLVO B11R Launching VIP dinner, IKEA New Catalogue 2014 Launch, TranAsia Grand Opening, Food Republic Grand Opening, Syndex Premium : Feast of Love, Countdown Gala Night 2013 at Banyantree Hotel Samui , several TVCs and started taking jazz class with Kru Artino Ekvirun and teaching Contemporary Jazz at Studio Zoom.

Recently, Cake was a guest teacher for Kru Artino Ekvirun's jazz class in Srinakharinwirot University and being a jazz faculty in Connecting Asean, Performing Arts For All workshop.