Growing up in USA, the Hip-hop country of the world, Jay was fortunate enough to be able absorb the whole culture into her blood. With the love of hip-hop music in her veins, she soon discovered her massive passion for dancing which she knew she was born to do!

She first started her dancing career as a Captain of a Cheer and Dance team for Mahidol International Collage where you can often find her being thrown in the air doing full 180 degrees splits as a flyer for the team. She later managed to attract the attention of "Red Bull" energy drink organization and was asked to be "Red Bull's" presenter team which would later travel all over the country for events and shows.

The two proudest events that have taken place in Jay's career would have to be when she was chosen to be Nike's presenter and also when she came out with a hip-hop album with her friends called "2Peace" with Craftsman Records Label.

No doubt, Jay can be called the real Queen of hip-hop considering many artists such as Thaitanium, Joey Boy, and Da Jim has all came and use Jay's dancing services in their Music Videos and concerts!

• Utip Compact Powder
• Mk Suki Restaurant
• Lipton Ice Tea
• Celcom Malaysia
• Unif Thai Ice Tea
• DTAC ft. ArmChair
• Perfect Slim
• Black Beauty (Girl Band)

• Eye Candy Dance Crew
• Zom Amara MV
• Groove Riders Concert
• Retrospect MV
• Jay Jetrin USA Concert Tour
• Smirnoff's Midnight Circus (Danced as Bella in Silver Suit)