J-C has completed her graduation from the Srinakarinwiroj University of Fine Art, Major Western Dance in the year of 2008 Although J-Ci completed her graduation, she has never ceased to learn and steadily attends her dancing course of instructions. She always develops her dancing ability and consistently harvests her dancing experience all the time she wakes up.

J-c holds more time of dancing experience than 20 years. She can perform well not only in bellydance but also many others of dancing branches such as ballet, jazz, contemporary, street jazz, salsa, etc.

She has begun her teaching capacity since she was only 15 years old. Moreover, she used to be the choreographer, acting designer and acting coach for beauty contesters, singers and many of advertisement models.

So far, J-C had accomplished lots of excellent works and also held the position of Director Assistant and Choreographer for the various events, shows and advertisements. For J-c, she feels that 'whenever she dances, she is able to express her inner power, energetic emotion and self-confidence through her body and her movement'as if J-C and dancing are harmonized and cannot be break apart.